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Wynwood Selection® 2014 is presented as an extraordinary opportunity for those innovative artists from all over the world who seek to present their work in a showcase of global prestige framed in a context of cultural exchange, which has an international jury of renowned curators and experts art. In its 2014 version, Wynwood Selection® launches in Bogotá for its attractive cultural offer continuous growth, capital located within the top 10 global production of contemporary art with talented, creative, innovative artists who transmit their cultural identity through their work. This strategic alliance between the United States and Colombia bring unrivaled benefits for local and foreign artists.

Project Director: Reina Olarte | Colombia
Participants Artists: Aira Henao, Dario Posada, Laurel Holloman, Maquiamelo, Oscar Villalobos, Ricardo Villegas, Rosemarie Gleiser, Sofia Ruiz, Vanessa Barragan.

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