002.Infinity Blues
 Endless Passion Acrylic on Canvas Size: 40” x 40”

Endless Passion
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 40” x 40”

For me, painting is like the air that I need to live. Music fills me with energy and feeling. When I start to paint I can feel my heart inside of me dancing to the rhythm. I am ready to dive into a union of painting and music which blend in a harmonious symphony which makes my soul smile.

My Passion for life inspires me to bring positive emotions and thoughts together in my work. From the infinite blue of the sky and sea, to the red and yellow of the sun that melts into the air, to the green of the meadows, and the breeze that makes trees dance. Colors bring my work to life. My paintings carry a message of love, energy, bliss, and passion. Through each stroke of paint I reveal what I have inside, the giant desire to turn the world into a better place.


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