Flirtatious 3
Flirtatious 3

Flirtatious 3 Mixed Media 48” x 36”


I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, while I was still a young child we immigrated to the United States and then moved to Colombia. My exposure to this diverse set of cultures and backgrounds has had a profound impact on my formation as an artist.

My philosophy:

A sense of empathy and tolerance towards different cultures is embedded in my work. Freedom is a gift that not everyone can experience –and expression through art is freedom. Art is ubiquitous and universal and I choose for it to be whatever I want it to be.

My work:

I’m on an endless journey to discover different forms of expression through my art. My art is a means of contemplation to create an untouchable world of my own and for those that I can reach. By exploring the use of diverse components I’m afforded with resources and the opportunity to feel an exhilarating independence of expression. Color, elements in space and a variety of materials and tools all merge to result in a setting free of emotions – the outcome is art that simultaneously creates balance, harmony, rhythm, and contrast through sleek smoothness and fearless textures.

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