Flirtatious. Mixed Media

 Flirtatious. Mixed Media

We are all aware of the seductive power of women. History and literature have taught us that there have been wars and battles over them.

Through my work I amplify the expression of that power by way of describing in each painting different characters and personalities with attributes of being self confident, strong, sexy, sweet, fun, and some even with attitude. They use tools and weapons to enhance their beauty such as makeup, accessories and fashion, and use body language to provoke feelings, and yet subtle enough so the beholders don’t realize and get the notion they are being seduced.

There are many contrasts in life that give us balance, like without a negative there isn’t a positive, without light there isn’t shadow, without sadness there isn’t happiness, and I express this balance by using the brightness of color with texture and the flawless smoothness of black and white.

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