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Tree Of Life 1 48x60 Oil on Canvas

Rosy Lofer was born in Buenos Ares, Argentina. After moving to Miami in the mid 1980’s, Rosy developed a deep appreciation for art, and her passion was kindled by Miami’s rich cultural community. This passion for art, soon grew into a desire to not only appreciate fine art, but to create it from her own heart.

In 2003, Rosy started to recognize her own talent for painting. She began her formal art education in 2004 with artist, Carlos Augusto Pereira at HeArt Studio. Under the direction of this internationally known artist, Rosy’s talent in artistic expression has been taken to new heights. Her magnificent and imaginative paintings captivate the viewer with their rich tones, vibrant color, and inspired themes.

In discussing her work, Rosy says, “Creating each painting brings to me an incredible feeling of peace, tranquility, and positive energy. I believe these are the emotions that others feel when they look at my paintings”. Today, Rosy’s work can be found in private collections in many countries, including Israel, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Canada, London and in many US States.

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