I have always been a fervent admirer of human beings for been the only specie capable of breaking with evolutionary paradigms, thus forging their own destiny. Unlike other inhabitants of the planet, we are aware of our existence, which since ancient times we have reflected through art, according to our culture, religion and geographical location.

The purity and ingenuity of the early civilizations on the five continents have been my inexhaustible source of inspiration to create a one and global ethnicity that goes back to the origins of mankind, without being influenced by their different historical and evolutionary processes.

In my work I have given life to a new and irreverent universal race of beings, combining the most relevant artistic expressions of each culture and mixing them according to my judgment. Far from offending the religious meaning that they may have, I try to unify the most fascinating and aesthetic aspects of each one of them, because in the end we are all Homo sapiens who come from the same family tree.

The mystical load in my pieces is imperative for the ancestral symbolism of certain elements embodied on them. As I begin to materialize my paintings and sculptures, they begin to relate to each other as if they were members of a prolific family, but with different facial features because of their genetic diversity. I connect their personalities with characteristics of animals such as eagles, bulls, jaguars and zebras, because as citizens of the same system, I admire the top view of a bird, the imposing horns of an antelope and the quickness of a feline. Maybe due to the fact that I have lived in a tropical country like Venezuela that has an amazing diversity of fauna and flora, my passion for nature and my hobbies of studying Entomology in the area of ​​butterflies and beetles, Malacology and Mineralogy, are fundamental reasons to explain the interaction of different species that fuse in my work.

There is a reliable communication between this new generation and me, through which they inexplicably indicate me how he or she wants to be, and when should I continue or finish the work, never repeating them, because I consider an offense to clone a member of my own tribe.

In this unprecedented world of multifaceted inhabitants, I try to reproduce the ideal coexistence of living beings on the planet: a free interaction in which each creature absorbs aspects from the other, they feedback one another and unite as brothers regardless of race, color or beliefs, in an inevitably increasingly globalized world.

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