Dance-Series-1-web-512x1024Rebeca Bibas, better known as “Becky”, was born in Cali, Colombia, and was exposed to the arts since she was a little girl. Born in a family of art collectors and art dealers, her brothers have represented and promoted masters of Latin-American art.

Her early years, she received training in most of the art disciplines; acting, ballet, contemporary dancing and piano, just to name a few. Becky was a well traveled young woman, whose artistic interest made art galleries, museums, and historical landmarks her priority when exploring other countries and cultures. This provided her with an extensive, but non-formal education in the visual arts.

Becky’s duties as a dedicated wife and mother limited her from expressing the artist within, but allowed her to focus on the expansion of her personal art collection. It was not until 2007, when the conditions were right for Becky “the artist” to emerge through her own paintings. As a result of many years of exposure, knowledge, and experience in the artistic field, a new chapter of her life would begin to unfold. With bright colors, bold strokes, and with a delicate balance, she was finally free to express her passionate and inspiring visions of a world where beauty is paramount. Since that day Becky has continued her artistic expression by painting flora in countless different ways and manners. It is not about the fame and fortune for Becky but simply about the art. She hopes to bring the happiness that art brought her to all who view her work.

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