000.Window withouth a View
000.Window withouth a View

Window without a View. Installation. Media: Photography

Niurka Barroso is a Toronto-based Cuban Photographer that she uses her body as a symbolic territory to explore her inner being. Her work is related to concepts of identity, memory, and time. As it is based on human experiences, it transcends the limits of her personal realms.

Window without a view is a series of self-portraits conceived as “a happening” in November 2014. The images capture the movement of a body trapped in the narrow space of a window. These photographs exorcise solitudes, sorrows and frustrations provoked by emotional or cultural walls that hinder the free expression of love.

The body is the principal axis of the work and the cross represents the union between feminine and masculine. Paradoxically, this body that wants to escape through the window is itself trapped in a frame; evocating a feeling of claustrophobia and isolation, an unavoidable consequence of the giving that attracts us and suffocates us.




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