001.Man About Town
001.Man About Town

Man Around Town Media: Metallic Paper on Plexiglas 40” x 30”

Mark Taylor was born in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a small Virginia town.

After his formal education at the University of Virginia, he made his home in Miami, where he met accomplished artist Carlos Augusto Pereira.

In 2001, Mark began working with Carlos and Heart Studio photographing fine art for portfolio and reproductions, as well as public and private art exhibitions.   Mark has a natural talent for capturing and extracting the specific detail and perspective that makes a subject meaningful, unique, and memorable.

While traveling in various parts of the world, Mark’s eye has expertly and artistically captured images that are not only obvious to see, but that convey an emotional story.  As stated by the artist, “I feel that the real emotion one feels when they experience a scene or a location can be captured not by selecting the broadest angle of view, but by selecting the most significant of the details seen by the eye.  By selecting the truly significant and unique element of a scene, I often recreate the experience of being there”.

With light, angle, color, or shape, Mark’s photos are unexpected, refreshing, and easy to feel.



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