Meditation Series

Meditation Series

Art is my passion and a vehicle for growth. It allows me to get in touch with myself and trust my intuition, among other realizations. Through the practice of my work I discover many analogies that apply to my own life and life in general, and that help me become more conscious. Because my work is intricate and repetitive, one of the most fundamental intentions in my creative process is to focus on the moment. If I anticipate the finished piece as opposed to placing my attention on the immediate task at hand, discomfort sets in and I am not able to finish the piece.

By trusting my intuition in art making and allowing for the spontaneous, I learn to do the same in my life. I allow each piece to go in the direction it flows, thus relinquishing the need to control the outcome. The more I apply this principle in my life, the more effortless and easy life becomes.

When I draw a line, it connects two or more elements together in the same way we are all interrelated to each other and the All. Empty space is
important in my work; it allows the eye of the viewer to rest, it creates balance and promotes a feeling of relaxation. I find parallels between the
empty space and a quiet and uncluttered mind.

Through my work I discover who I am. That discovery allows me to interpret and relate to the world I live in from a more integral perspective.

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