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As a visual artist, Fleites´s understanding of the complexities of human nature is essential in the symbolic representations that define man´s cultural history. His artwork transcends the physical structure of reality to document imaginary events, using different media such as painting, sculpture,
drawing, and video. His frequent use of unusual materials such as gunpowder, soil, carmine and organic substances of different origins instill an ethnic uniqueness to his work.

The leitmotif in his works is the exploration of the defining roles of cultural diversity and individualism that makes the human being. His travels and studies provided him with the opportunity to test his thesis about the social function of art in different societies. This investigation focused on the resistance and cultural mechanisms that indigenous groups utilize in response to external incursions and influences.

Artist’s Statement

My artwork takes a critical view of anthropological, political and cultural issues. As a visual artist, I understand that the complexities of human nature are essential in the symbolic representations that define my productions. My artwork transcends the physical structure of reality to document imaginary events, using different media – painting, sculpture, drawing, video installation -and unusual materials such as gunpowder, soil, carmine and organic materials of different origins.

The visual resulting of this process is a graphic testimony of my interaction with different societies, reproducing familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. The leitmotif in my works is the exploration of the defining roles of cultural diversity and individualism that make us human. In 1999 I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon jungle in order to complete a master degree in Cultural Anthropology and Media.

My travels and studies provided me the opportunity to test my thesis about the social function of art in societies different than ours. This investigation focused on those resistance mechanisms that indigenous groups utilize in response to external incursions and influences. Travel through several Latin American countries helped connect people from around the globe with the spiritual and cultural guides of those communities, using new media and Internet.

People from other countries could now for the first time comprehend their psychological pasts, comparing philosophies, ways of life and other concepts with the tribes’ shamans, midwives and other leaders. The result of this investigation was compiled in different traveling exhibitions
such as ¨Del Periplo Camino de las Velas¨, ¨El vuelo de los vuelcos¨, ¨Déjame que te cuente¨, ¨Crónicas de la Eternitud¨ and “The Same Bowl.
Those years studying native societies have influenced my entire work since.

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