Artwork “Everything what can become digital will become digital” (said by Benny Landa, the inventor of the Indigo Digital Printing Technology) – and so 3D printing is revolutionizing the way we design and build things, just as digital photos replaced polaroids and photo books replaced the paper album etc.

Several Social Media concepts have tried to digitalize our daily lives and the relationships between humans. These concepts fail for the simple reason that all they do is make our lives more public and predictable.

But: Social Media is just the symptom! The root cause of this sickness is superficiality.

The result of this sickness is what I call „Anti-Real-Relationship“. This superficiality is demonstrated in the artificial connections and relationships on various social media. For me it is terrible to see how real friends, real relations and feelings become less important and more voyeuristic.

Of course these social media have revolutionized the way we communicate and have made it easier to stay connected regardless of where we are at any given moment. Everything that makes our lives easier and faster has a chance to be successful, but it leaves a gap between the digital and the real. My art intends to close this gap.

My art has to be seen as a counterpart of this „Anti-Real-Relation“ in the actual spirit of time. It should depict emotions, humans, faces in a way that you cannot find in our digitalized society.

For me the spotlight is on the beauty of humanity, it’s my first priority – emotions caused by love, music, harmony and the erotic. But it is not only the sunny side of the world that will be represented in my art – people do not just love one another – they hate and fight – they lose, they feel intense pain and destruction, all of which are part of human interaction.

This is why I love New York, because you can feel this in the city all the time – this beauty of humanity. It is a pulsing city that never sleeps. It is a place hundred percent built by humans and full of humans! Where else can you feel more intense what it means to be human and what it means to be alive?

My work should not show the reality 1:1 – the colors, proportions and poses I use are reflective of my emotions and feelings during the painting process. It is an interactive process between my soul, the model or person and the canvas – an INTERACTIVE REALISM. My art is a projection of the reality to my soul.

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