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Celia Zusman Models in a very singular way by trying to make her sculpted unconventionally. Her academic studies taught sculpture modeling in clay and plaster, likewise, all learning has led her to achieve excellently bronze finishes. Any viewer can clearly see the fascinating process of her sculptures, as well as the artist knows the limits of matter, revealing the original character of the block and a sublime surface of the marvelous bronze. Celia incorporates some influences of masters of art history, primarily Brancusi, pioneer of modernism and minimalism in the contemporary sculpture.

Zusman artwork are constructed in an organic style, with a feminine sensuality and a lovely symbolic purpose that guides the viewer to find her artistic vision and ancestral identity. Taking advantage of the beauty and spirituality of the human being in relation to the natural environment and the universe, causes a variety of reading and reflection on the fascinating world in which we live.

Celia began her work from figurative forms that have evolved into an abstraction of simplicity. Also, modeling without limits, making her work with forms that are purely geometric. Her sculptures have the concept of living things, they are truly an inspiration, reminding us to Barbara Hepworth, queen of modern sculpture.

Celia Zusman study art in Italy, where she experienced the wonderful world of light that transforms and reveals, which enhances the subtleties of shapes and contours with a poetic perspective. Celia seems to return to the deeper and larger universe of the Inca culture of her native Peru. In fusion with the arcane mystical world, penetrating the heart of wonder, to finally conquer the mystery of bronze sculpture and creating impeccable pieces.

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