Allegro. Sculpture Mixed Media 33.5” x 26” x 18”

The Artist was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1965 to a Portuguese family who supported his art career.  Carlos, who has shown in the USA for the past ten years, began drawing at the age of nine Graphic Design from the Neumann Institute in Caracas.  At Heart Studio, founded in 1998, Carlos creates original artworks and commissioned works on a multitude of Medias. He also teaches painting and drawing at the studio.

My most recent artwork, “Little Creatures”, is the merging of all techniques and medias previously used, coming together at last.  Free from academic structures, limitations, and prejudices.

 This multi-dimensional artwork is an open doorway for the creative spirit to flow and manifest, here and now, revealing the most important element present in all artistic expression; intention and thought. The essence and perception of the artist.  The energy of the maker infused within his work.

 Artwork perpetually radiating these loving energies to all.  Altering consciousness, inspiring, uplifting, and promoting progression.  Making something meaningful out of found objects and recycled material.

 Artwork that gathers diverse items and fragments of matter from all over the world to communicate beyond our limited vocabularies.  A unique assortment of “things” bound by the will of a universal force, through the heart and mind of the artist, attuned to it. The complexity of its components makes it impossible to replicate, making these “creatures” unique, like each one of us.

 It’s fascinating to observe each one of these “creatures” taking a life of its own.  A new form of existence with purpose.  Inspiring artwork that preserves love, goodness, innocence, simplicity, complexity, dignified appreciation, intellectual thought and emotional understanding, or at least, amusement for the eyes.


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