Series Havana of Today
Series Havana of Today

Series of Havana of Today. Installation Photography printed on Paper.

Art is the language of my thoughts. Through my work I seek to bring awareness of the social and cultural realities that are patent in our world today.

The inspiration comes from my surroundings and experiences lived. I sort thru images that “make sense” and weave them into fragments that tell a story. The purpose of it all is to capture instances in time.

The series “Havana of Today” came about after a recent a visit to Havana where I could see a snapshot of what it was, a city frozen in time (the 1950´s), the old buildings in terrible decay, the old cars, but also the new ones with innumerable plates that show the many echelons’ of society, and the areas of the city totally restored, the emerging new opportunities, the new energy that the city has with its tourism, restaurants, music and their love for live.



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