For Your Eyes Only.Installation
For Your Eyes Only.Installation

For Your Eyes Only. Installation Mixed Media 40 x 48 inches

Out of passion and unrestrained, Alexandra Betancur introduce us through her works to a world full of color, and leads us by the same creative process to discover new forms and images. As she describes them well, they are an analogy of life. Creating a painting is nothing more than a group of choices with its mere consequences, which can be good or bad in the eyes of the spectator.

The successive application of the different colors chosen, result in unique images that brings to life her creativity.
Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1973. She has Studied and lived in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Sao Paulo and currently in Panama City, Panama. This artist awakens our senses through a great use of color, and reflection of reality, passion and unconditional commitment to life.



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